Stay Toasty Warm All Winter Long

Stay Toasty Warm All Winter Long

With a new furnace installation from your trusted HVAC company

Is your furnace or heat pump not keeping your home warm? It may be time for a new one. Gray's Heating & Air Conditioning can handle your new furnace installation. We also provide repairs, preventive maintenance and ductwork services. Your whole system is in good hands with our team.

Don't ignore a faulty furnace. Schedule your service call with our top-notch team today.

We provide fast, reliable furnace repairs

Is your furnace showing signs of trouble? It may just need a few repairs, or it may be time for a new unit. Our team can help you determine which is the case. Look for these signs that your furnace is struggling:

A lack of heat output in your home
A yellow, rather than blue, burner flame
The absence of an upward draft in the chimney
Moisture on your walls, windows or chimney

We're ready to handle any repair, large or small. We can also simply install a new furnace. The team at Gray's Heating & Air Conditioning will make sure everything is correct and up to code. Contact us at 843-689-3111 now.