Feb 15 2015

A smart HVAC system can be an important consideration for a homeowner who struggles with high energy bills that erode the family budget. You may have a system that functions inefficiently due to its age, or you could be looking for alternatives that allow you to more carefully monitor your usage, especially during the most severe conditions. Residents of South Carolina exceed the national median in the use of electricity, an issue attributed to high usage of air conditioning systems through the summer’s hot weather. Electricity is also used extensively in home heating during the winter months. By choosing smart technology for a new HVAC installation in Bluffton, you may be able to enjoy the comfort levels needed while minimizing the amount of money spent to achieve those results.

Dual-Fuel Options

Most homes use either a heat pump or a furnace for heating, but hybrid heat allows you to enjoy the best of both heating systems. Electricity is efficient during milder conditions, but during severe cold weather, an air-source heat pump becomes inefficient due to the impact of cold air on the heat exchange process. A furnace provides efficient and affordable heating, but the level of heating can be overwhelming when temperatures are milder. Bryant’s Evolution series of products allows you to enjoy maximum comfort and minimum energy loss with hybrid heating.

Smart Controls and Advanced Diagnostics

Bryant’s Evolution controls are particularly suitable for the individual who wants to enjoy precision comfort management while maximizing energy efficiency. The Wi-Fi models coordinate with Evolution system components to allow you to experience more customized results as you are able to remotely access and adjust your thermostat settings. Touchscreen adjustments are available, mirroring today’s tablet and smartphone technologies at one of the most logical points of need in the home. The ability to use your smartphone or computer to access the system provides you with great freedom as you check in on conditions during your absence for work or other activities. Smart HVAC systems coordinated with remote access features through wireless thermostats also monitor issues such as humidity, filter condition, and service needs, helping you to address maintenance tasks and problems in a timely fashion.

Variable Speeds and Adaptability

The most advanced energy efficient HVAC systems also include the ability to adapt based on conditions in the home. Variable-speed technology in Evolution furnaces, for example, allows for gentler heating when conditions are moderate. This can make a huge difference in energy usage and in comfort levels as the high-stage approach to heating can dry indoor air, resulting in chapped skin, static buildup, and dry mucous membranes. A variable-speed heat pump offers better humidity management without unpleasant comfort results as well.

Consulting with an Expert

As you evaluate smart systems for your HVAC installation in Bluffton, it is important to work with a reputable contractor who is up to date on the latest advances in HVAC technology. Gray’s Heating & Air Conditioning is available to calculate your heating and cooling loads to determine the needs of your household. We can provide an estimate based on the systems most suitable to your home and budget. Call our office to schedule an appointment.

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