Early inhabitants of the Bluffton area included the Yamasee people. However, they migrated to Florida after the Yamasee War in 1715, and Europeans moved into the region. Plantations were developed in the area, and rice was a particularly successful crop. The first homes in Bluffton were constructed by plantation owners in the region as the higher ground and cooler climate offered an escape from less healthy conditions in the lower areas.

The community’s official founding took place in 1852. The area suffered significant destruction during the Civil War, and rebuilding was slow, not picking up until the 1880s. At that point, the town became a center for commerce in Beaufort County due to its proximity to area waterways. As highways replaced rivers in the transportation of goods, the commercial success of the community ebbed. However, it continued as a vacation destination, and in 2005, it was selected as a Preserve America location.

Bluffton Demographics

At the time of the 2010 Census, Bluffton’s population was 12,540. The median resident age was 32.7 years, significantly lower than the state median of 40.2 years. Approximately 7 percent of residents exceed the age of 65, and nearly 29 percent of residents are children. The median household income in the town is $63,614, and the median home value is $229,900. Nearly 90 percent of adults over the age of 25 have completed their high school educations, and approximately 31 percent of these individuals also hold bachelor’s degrees or higher. The town covers 51.30 square miles of land, and the population density is 244.2 people per square mile.

Education in the Bluffton Area

Bluffton families’ public education needs are addressed by the Beaufort County School District. Beaufort County was nationally recognized in 2011 as one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People by America’s Promise Alliance, and educational leadership figures prominently in this achievement. In addition to traditional campuses, the district offers charter schools to meet unique educational needs.

Area residents considering post-secondary educational needs can consider nearly 20 campuses located within a 130-mile distance from the town. University of South Carolina Beaufort is located in Bluffton, the most local solution for those who don’t need extensive commute times. Additional nearby options include Savannah State University and Armstrong Atlantic State University, both located 20 miles away in Savannah, GA.

Bluffton Attractions and Resources

Bluffton is located close to numerous natural attractions, offering outdoor enthusiasts lots of options in water activities and exploration. Old Town offers a view into the early days of the community with a walking tour beginning at the Heyward House Visitor Center. The community’s Parks and Leisure Services maintains indoor and outdoor facilities to promote a well-rounded and active lifestyle. The Bluffton Branch of the Beaufort County Library also promotes lifelong learning through print materials and classes.

Climate Conditions in Bluffton

Visitors and newcomers to Bluffton can expect warm, humid summer conditions and mild winters. The average high temperature in July is 89 degrees, but a record of 107 was reached during this month in 1986. Summer rainfall can make conditions seem miserable due to the effects of humidity. Average rainfall for August is 7.63 inches. The average low temperature during January is 40 degrees, but sub-freezing conditions are possible. A record low of 4 degrees was reached during this month in 1985.

Bluffton Air Conditioning Repair and Service

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