Nov 18 2014

The holiday season’s arrival can provide residents of Hilton Head Island, SC, with many exciting activities. From school productions to shopping at the many specialty boutiques of Main Street Village Shopping Center, there are things to do away from your home as you prep for the season. However, a bit of attention to your residence is important as you plan for family activities and chilly weather. Following are some important tips for getting ready now so that you don’t have to worry later.

Weatherproofing Your House

Cold weather can put a damper on your celebrations, especially if you haven’t paid attention to structural issues in your residence ahead of the changing conditions. Take time now to attend to the following issues:

  • Air leaks – inspect window and door frames, replacing old material that may be cracked or otherwise deteriorated.
  • Soffits – check vents for obstructions, cleaning spaces so that attic ventilation is facilitated.
  • Attic insulation – if the floor joists are visible, supplemental insulation is recommended. Replace moldy or soggy insulation.
  • Roofing system – check for damaged areas, making sure that they are addressed before weather conditions deteriorate.

Many of these efforts can help in maximizing household comfort while keeping bills down.

Shoring Up Your Heating System

An inspection of your heating equipment should be completed before temperatures drop in the Hilton Head Island region. A tune-up is important for safety reasons, especially if you operate a gas or oil furnace or boiler. Combustion appliances can increase the risk of carbon monoxide leaks into the home, and the EPA recommends annual checks to ensure household protection. You can also benefit from improved efficiency and a reduction in the potential for system breakdowns when you make heating maintenance a priority.

Updating Your Lighting

ENERGY STAR estimates that 12 percent of annual household energy costs are attributed to lighting. With LED bulbs, your fixtures will use only 10 to 25 percent of the electricity required for incandescent bulbs. By converting to LED bulbs, you can enjoy a brighter indoor atmosphere without an increase in your electricity bill. The bulbs can be a bit more costly than traditional bulbs, but a gradual transition will still help in reducing utility expenses, and the brighter lighting is perfect for the holidays.

Refreshing Your Furnishings and Decor

Pre-holiday decor updates are perfect so that you can be sure that everything is perfect for seasonal celebrations. In addition to updating furniture and dinnerware, you may want to think about re-doing your window treatments. Conventional curtains can reduce energy loss through windows by one-tenth when the curtains are drawn. Switching to insulated curtains can improve the numbers even more.

Deep Cleaning

Before opening your house to visitors and guests, a deep cleaning can be a huge priority. Dusting and mopping are important. Allow plenty of time for floor and carpet cleaning as well. You may want to treat yourself to a cleaning service for a massive project. Just plan so that everything is in order well in advance of your scheduled activities and events.

Gray’s Heating & Air Conditioning is available for addressing your heating maintenance needs as you get ready for the holiday season. Call us to schedule today.

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