Jan 15 2015

The temperate climate of the Hilton Head area is perfect for a heat pump. Heat pumps move air from one place to another, using either ambient air temperature, water or the heat of the ground as the heat source. Rather than using fuel to heat and cool as a standard air conditioning and heating system does, a heat pump transfers existing heat from indoors to outside to cool during the summer and from outdoors to inside to heat during the winter. Just like a refrigerator, refrigerant flows through coils, collecting heat on one side and releasing it on the other. A fan blowing over the coils helps the system release heat, cooling the refrigerant so that it can recirculate through the system. Electricity is used to power the device. Although heat pumps use less energy than conventional systems to heat and cool, they still require energy to run. A dual-fuel hybrid system uses the most economical source of heat for an energy efficient home.

What Is a Hybid Heating System?iStock_000016110642Small

A hybrid heat system uses two fuel sources, a fossil fuel like natural gas and electricity, to deliver heat. A heat pump is efficient in climates where temperatures do not stay below freezing for long periods of time. When temperatures plummet for extended periods, heat pumps must work harder to recover available heat and use more energy to do so. Differences in temperatures are less extreme in moderate climates and there is more heat in the air, so heat pumps are more economical in climates like those in the southern United States.

Hybrid systems use the heat pump for heating until the temperature drops to a degree that you specify. At that point, the unit automatically switches from the heat pump to the gas furnace. You get the energy saving benefits of a heat pump until the unit must work harder to deliver warm air. The furnace takes over when more warm air is needed, using the most cost-effective fuel source. Hybid heat helps create an energy efficient home.

Is a Hybrid Heating System Right for My Hilton Head Home?

An experienced HVAC contractor can determine whether a hybrid system is right for your home by evaluating the energy efficiency your current heat source, the cost of fuel to power this unit and the average winter temperature. As temperatures drop, a heat pump loses efficiency. At a certain point, the furnace will be more cost-effective to operate than the heat pump.

Gray’s Heating and Air Conditioning High Efficiency Heat Pumps

Gray’s Heating and Air Conditioning has provided heating and air conditioning services for Hilton Head communities since 1989. All our technicians are certified by North American Technician Excellence (NATE), the industry standard in technician certification. As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, we adhere to the stringent technological and customer satisfaction guidelines that stand behind Bryant products. We honor all Bryant warranties, including 10-year warranties on selected heat pumps.

If you need a new heating system, our technicians can help you find the right heating source for your home. Give us a callĀ at Gray’s Heating & Air Conditioning to discuss your indoor comfort needs.

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